About us

Asterindo is a partner that is always there beside the farmers,
we are ready to help.

PT Agro Sejahtera Indonesia (known as ASTERINDO) is a national company domiciled in Jakarta, established on October 4, 2001. The basis and purpose of the company establishment was to actively participate in the Indonesian economy by running a various businesses in agriculture, trade and the agrochemical industry.

The founders of this company consist of personnel who have had a lot of experience in multi-national companies that engaged in the production and trade of agricultural chemicals, plantations and public health.

The types of products currently available including:

  • Insecticide (plant/household pest control)
  • Herbicide (controlling agricultural / plantation weeds)
  • Fungicide (controlling fungus on agricultural / plantation crops)
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Adhesive Grader

As a form of active participation to drive the Indonesian economy and support local industries, almost all Asterindo products have used domestic packaging. The product packaging process is also carried out by professionals who have long been involved in the formulation and packaging of pesticide products.