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Asterindo Ekstra Klin 276 SL

Ekstraklin 276 SL

Ekstraklin 276 SL is a contact non-selective pre and post growth herbicide, dark green color liquid, effective to control broad leaf weed such Ageratum conyzoides, Borreria alata, Synedrella nodiflora, Clidemia hirta and narrow leaf weed such Paspalum conjugatum, Axonopus compressus in maize and oil palm 


  • Effective to control various types of narrow leaf weeds, broad leaf weeds and even the most difficult to control weeds
  • Quick mode of action 
  • Rotational usage with glyphosate can reduce the likelihood of resistance
Active ingredient parakuat diklorida 276g/l
Registration RI.01030120103624
Formulation soluble liquid
Formulation color dark green
Working method contact non selective
Pack size 1ltr, 5ltr and 20ltr
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